Cattows Farm, Leicestershire, UK
August 2016

Sarah & Matt  decided to have their laid back and beautiful country wedding at Cattows Farm,   Leicestershire.

I had already gotten to know these two earlier in the summer when I photographed them at the local beauty spot of Bradgate Park.

Enjoy looking through their wonderful countryside wedding and thank you Matt & Sarah for having me along on your big day, you made me feel like an old friend.

sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-1sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-2sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-3sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-4sarah-matt-country-wedding-cattows-farm-5sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-6sarah-matt-country-wedding-cattows-farm-7sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-8Peach & Jo Photography - country weddingsarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-10Peach & Jo Photographysarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-12sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-13Groom Style at a country weddingnervous groom before a country weddingbride and father before a country weddingsarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-17sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-18sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-19sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-20sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-21sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-22sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-23sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-24sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-25sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-26sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-27sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-28sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-29sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-30sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-31sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-32country wedding couple portraitCountry Weddingsarah-matt-country-wedding-cattows-farm-89 sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-90 sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-91country wedding marqueesarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-36sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-37country weddingsarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-39sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-40sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-41sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-42country wedding head tablesarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-44sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-45sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-46sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-47country wedding hay balescountry wedding couple walking in a fieldCountry Wedding couple in a fieldCountry Wedding couple in a fieldPeach & Jo PhotographyCountry Wedding couple in a fieldCountryside WeddingCountryside WeddingCountry Wedding couple in a fieldPeach & Jo PhotographyCountry Wedding couple in a fieldCountry Wedding bride and groom in a fieldBride in a field - Country WeddingBride PortraitGroom PortraitGroom PortraitCountryside WeddingBride and Groom in a field at sunset - Country WeddingCountryside WeddingBride and Groom in a field at sunset - Country WeddingWedding DressBride And GroomPeach & Jo PhotographyCountryside WeddingWedding Dresssarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-72sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-73sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-74sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-75Country Wedding - Hay balessarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-77sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-78sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-79sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-80sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-81sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-82sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-83sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-84sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-85sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-86sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-87sarah-matt-wedding-cattows-farm-88

And finally some kind words from these two:

Hey guys, wow. Just wow. We’re both so SO happy with the photos. I genuinely can’t put into words how much it means to us to have such an amazing representation of the day.
As you know we were massively apprehensive about the photography initially. However it’s been incredibly easy working with the two of you. To be honest by the end of the day, you were as much guests at our wedding as everyone else. Me and Sarah thank you both not just for your skill with a camera, but for just being bloody lovely people! It’s been a genuine pleasure from start to finish.

Sarah & Matt

Cheers guys! Thanks for having us!


Photography •Only Lovers Photography

Ceremony Venue • Amalfi White

Reception Venue • Cattows Farm

Hair • Katie Atwood


Stunning photos! What a fabulous location to get these sort of photos! And perfect time of day!

Thanks Jon, to be honest we would have liked the sun to be a fair amount lower but hey, who complaining when you can still get results like this!

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